Rane Terminal 1010x Multiprocessor

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The RANE HAL Platform of Digital Sound Processors has been leading the charge for many years with innovative products such as their Remote Audio Devices (RADs). They are renowned for their easy of programming the drag and drop software with many functions such as room combining and paging set up with ease whilst the software does the complicated coding behind the scenes.

Now RANE is releasing a new range of well featured DSP’s starting with the TERMINAL1010x. It replaces the HAL1x and HAL2 with a lower cost than a HAL2 and more capable than a HAL1x.

• 10 universal analogue inputs, 10 balanced analogue outputs
• 2 universal logic ports
• 6 high-power RAD+ ports eliminate the need for external RPI supplies
• Expansion slot for optional Dante card (32 x 32 with sample rate conversion to support up to 96K)
• Halogen Expansion port (512 x 512 channels)
• Planned Halogen Expander (same I/O compliment as the Terminal 1010x)
• Uses Halogen graphical drag-and-drop software
• Enhanced front panel control & monitoring
• Simplified design – high-power RAD ports where there used to be low-power RAD ports, DR ports, IR ports and RPI booster supplies