Pro Intercom SMH310 Lightweight Single-Ear Intercom Headset

MSRP: $109.99
(You save $5.50 )

This light, comfortable headset is equipped with high quality transducers for smooth response and pleasant listening. The soft, textured muff is removable and washable. The mechanism for adjusting size allows for a wide range and is both simple and sturdy. The microphone is mounted on a thin flexible gooseneck boom which also swivels at the ear cup and can be swung up and out of the way. This boom also allows the microphone to be adjusted very close to the mouth for situations where quiet or discrete communications are important. The thin, flexible cable does not tug on the headset and may be clipped out of the way with our optional clothing clip.

The SMH310 has a minimal number of moving parts to wear or break. The unique cable can be unplugged from the headset and replaced in seconds. This feature is so well concealed that no one is likely to know about it unless you choose to tell them. The other major components are easily field replaceable as well.

The SMH310 is plug-in compatible with Clear-Com® and most other popular headset communications systems. Connectors are added at the time of sale to match your system’s requirements.


  • Ear speaker impedance: 200 ohms ±15%
  • Microphone: Dynamic, 21mm, 200 ohms
  • Rated power input: 30mW
  • Microphone boom: 4.5mm gooseneck tube
  • Maximum power input: 100mW
  • Cord: 2m, straight
  • Frequency response: 30Hz - 12kHz
  • Headband adjust: ABS click-type
  • THD @ S.O.P.: <3%
  • Weight: SMH310 - 170g (less cords & connectors)