Tannoy 8001 4650 Adaptor Ring for CMS 801/803 Series Speakers

8001 4650
Music Tribe, the parent company of Tannoy is undergoing a US distribution change and has not indicated when they will be fulfilling orders again.
Support Documentation:

The Plaster Ring CMS 801/803 is designed specifically for use with the CMS 801 and CMS 803 loudspeaker models. Intended for pre-installation in newly constructed, non-suspended ceilings, mounting holes are strategically placed to accommodate 16" to 24" stud spacing. The use of plaster rings greatly streamlines the final installation process and provides convenient identification of pre-wiring locations.

  • Plaster (mud) ring accessory for CMS 801 and CMS 803 ceiling loudspeakers
  • Designed to be pre-installed into newly constructed non-suspended ceilings
  • Mounting holes accommodate 16" to 24" stud spacing
  • Allows identification of pre-wire location
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.