Ace Backstage 025 Mini Pocket (Black or Coppervein)

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ACE BACKSTAGE's Mini Stage Pocket is a standard general use vertical slant panel flush stage pocket. The Mini Stage Pocket is an efficiently compact rugged, high utility, high density design. The Mini Stage Pocket is made of heavy duty steel and may be used to conceal audio, communications, control, data, electric AC power, switches, video, and other relevant connections below the floor surface for easy access and to prevent connector damage. The Mini Stage Pocket has a compact capacity inter-changeable panel system which permits efficient and easy custom connector/panel configurations. The lid/bezel is 1/8” steel with a footprint of 4-3/4” x 7”. The hinge is brushed brass or stainless steel and will not rust or discolor.

The Mini Stage Pocket has the panel capacity for either: (2) #MP-100 Series CONNECTRIX Panels or (2) #MP-200 Series Switchcraft® Panels

The Mini Stage Pocket has the connector capacity for either: (4) CONNECTRIX Connectors or (4) Neutrik® Connectors or (4) Switchcraft® Connectors

The Mini Stage Pocket Lid and Mounting Flange assembly is available in 2 oven-cured powder coat finishes plus brushed solid brass. The Lid and Mounting Flange mounts to the Mini Pocket Body which easily installs in raised floors with or without a back box. Two panel positions in the pocket body permit a wide array of connection possibilities. While the space in the pocket is compact, a careful selection of connectors can satisfy requirements for audio, video, computer or 110VAC connectivity.

The small footprint and compact size sets limits for the combination of connectors that may be used in a single pocket. Using the CONNECTRIX system in various optional 2-panel combinations for large and small connectors a surprising array of connections can be accomplished. A single Mini Pocket may accommodate only one or two larger connectors (mic, speaker, VGA, A.C. etc.). When using smaller connectors four or more connections are possible. When selected large and small connectors are strategically placed in the opposing panels, 3-4 connectivity terminations can easily be accomplished.

• Mini Stage Pocket Body Size = 2.750” W x 2.250” H x 6.531” D
• Mini Stage Pocket Lid & Mounting Flange Size = 4.750” W x 0.187” H x 7.000” D
• Mini Stage Pocket Connector Capacity = Up to 4 CONNECTRIX, Neutrik®, or Switchcraft®
• Mini Stage Pocket Cutout Dimensions = 2.880" W x 5.505" H
• Mini Stage Pocket Material = CRS Steel and/or Solid Half Hard Brass
• Mini Stage Pocket Panel Capacity =
• (2) #MP-100 Series CONNECTRIX Panels OR
• (2) #MP-200 Series Switchcraft® Panels

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