Sennheiser EW-DX SK 3-PIN Evolution Wireless Digital Bodypack Transmitter

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Lightweight, Comfortable, and Durable

A digital bodypack wireless transmitter that works with EW-DX wireless receivers is the Sennheiser EW-DX SK 3-PIN. The bodypack is compact and comfortable for presenters and performers to wear, and it has a tough, all-metal housing that is suitable for frequent use in boardrooms, places of worship, or on stage.

An adapter cable for guitar and bass as well as a compatible lavalier or headset microphone can be connected to the EW-DX SK 3-PIN's 3-pin LEMO connector. The transmitter can handle a variety of sound sources, including loud vocalists and performers, connections to musical instruments, and even line-level signals from mixers, all without the need for gain adjustment thanks to a remarkable 134 dB dynamic range on its input.

Sennheiser EW-DX SK 3-PIN Features

  • For EW-DX Digital Wireless Receivers
  • Use with Lav/Headset Mic or Instrument
  • 3-Pin LEMO Connector
  • 134 dB of Dynamic Range, 24-Bit Audio
  • 3480 Frequencies on Equidistant Grid
  • e-Ink Display
  • Durable Metal Housing
  • Set Up/Operate from Receiver or Phone
  • In-Device Charging
  • 8-Hour AA /12-Hour Rechargeable Battery
    • Wireless Technology: Digital UHF
    • RF Frequency Band: Q1-9: 470.2 to 550 MHz
    • RF Bandwidth: 80 MHz
    • Frequency Step Size: 25 kHz
    • RF Channel Scanning: Auto-Scan
    • Max Operating Range: 328.1' / 100 m (Line of Sight)
    • Built-In Recorder: No
    • Bluetooth: 5.1 LE
    • Bluetooth Operating Distance: 120' / 36.6 m (Transmitter Sync, App Control)
    • Sample Rate/Resolution : 24-Bit
    • Latency: 1.9 ms
    • Encryption: AES 256

    • Transmitter Type: Bodypack
    • RF Output Power: 10 mW (ERP), 10 mW (EIRP)
    • Audio I/O: 1 x LEMO 3-Pin Female Input (Lockable)
    • Included Cable Connector: None
    • Muting: Mute Switch
    • Audio Input Level: 2 to 4.35 V
    • Auto-Level Control: No
    • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz -3 dB
    • Sync Method: Bluetooth
    • Antenna: 1 x Flexible Whip, Fixed (Beltpack)
    • Power Requirements: Battery
    • Battery Type: 2 x AA (Included), 1 x Sennheiser Battery Pack (Not Included)
    • Battery Life: 8 Hours (Alkaline), 12 Hours (Sennheiser Battery Pack)
    • Display & Indicators: 1 x Backlit LCD (Battery Status, Mute)
    • Housing: Metal
    • Operating Temperature: 14 to 131°F / -10 to 55°C
    • Operating Humidity: 5 to 95%
    • Dimensions: 2.5 x 3.3 x 0.8" / 63 x 85 x 20 mm
    • Weight: 4.2 oz / 120 g (without Batteries)

Sennheiser EW-DX SK 3-PIN Downloads

Manual - As of 2/7/2023
Spec Sheet - As of 2/7/2023

Product documents are provided as a courtesy and may not reflect the most up-to-date information. Please contact us for the most up-to-date information.

The Next Evolution... of Evolution Wireless

Sennheiser has a long and storied history in the world of professional audio, creating microphones used in all applications from world famous studios to Superbowl halftime shows. Part of that history is their Evolution Wireless product, first introduced in the year 2000. Our company’s first purchase order for the first generation of Evolution Wireless was dated January 7th of the year 2000 in fact, so apparently our computer system survived any potential Y2K bugs if you recall that fiasco.

Since the release of the first generation of EW series products, Sennheiser has continued to innovate and improve their lineup and has created one of the longest running wireless product series our industry has seen. Traditionally the Evolution Wireless brand has been a staple for mainstream venues such has churches, schools, and small to mid-size performance venues with Sennheiser having maintained a series or two above the EW series for major performance and broadcast applications.

This brings us to why we are so excited about the EW-DX product lineup. In recent years as live streaming and social media has changed the way we consume content, a place in the market for higher end features at a more traditional venue price-point has become very apparent. Sennheiser’s EW-DX lineup will fit at a place that we see an increasing need, for a variety of reasons:

  • Equidistant Channel Spacing. Increases the number of channels within 1 TV channel space with NO Intermodulation. Some serious science behind this.
  • 1.9ms latency. No Kung Fu movie artifacts here.
  • 2 channel operation in a half rack space receiver. More space in your case.
  • AF AND RF channel mute. Keeps the noise out of your PA when you thought you turned off the mic!
  • Transmitter Dynamic range over 14dB better than many others. Go ahead cup that mic.
  • Up to 12 Hrs. of battery life on the Lithium Ion rechargeables. Can you believe this guy is still talking?
  • OLED Display on the receiver, E-Ink Display on transmitter. No more scrounging for my mag-lite.
  • There are many other feature in the new EW DX that are notable, but these are the only ones that I could make a Smart Alec remark to describe.

Need more information to make your decision? Contact our Professional Account Managers Today!!!

Written by Tim LaPrade, one of those fantastic Account Managers.

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