Advocacy for the Live Event Industry

Posted by Tim LaPrade on Jul 21st 2020

"Here we are in the middle of the summer doldrums. This time last year, we were prepping shows, loading trucks, cursing the heat and looking forward to a day off. It’s a different world now. Though t … read more

COVID Update/New Safety Changes (July 2020)

Posted by Mark Helms on Jun 29th 2020

Well, it's about to be July of 2020, and we realized we should probably update everybody on the state of things for us at  Our company is blessed in many ways during this season, … read more

Living in the Age of Backorders

Posted by Mark Helms on Mar 26th 2020 is continuing to operate, although, much like the rest of the world, in a much different way than before.  As of right now, our County declaration allows us to operate with no public … read more

Next COVID-19 Update

Posted by Mark Helms on Mar 23rd 2020 staff is trying (like everybody else), to keep up with the adjustments and increases in regulations for businesses in light of the further spread of COVID-19.  As such, we've made a … read more
Live Streaming By Necessity

Live Streaming By Necessity

Posted by Mark Helms on Mar 17th 2020

Are you finding yourself suddenly in need of the ability to communicate with an audience that can no longer come to you? A lot of people, us included, are being faced with new challenges and having to … read more